the most down to earth girl you will ever meet. ambitious, caring and loving.she lights up every room she walks into. she is stunningly beautiful, even when she doesn’t wear makeup. an elrohi can make someone smile for hours, and want to be her best friend. although she may not seem like it, she is a natural leader, with everyone wanting to listen to her. an elrohi has a glow of happiness around her, making anyone she knows fall in love with her smile. she is the kind of girl that you can’t get your mind off of, thinking about her when you least expect it. she may appear a little shy, but is a crazy lovable person who you can’t stay mad at for long. boys think about her in the back of their mind, and girls want to be as good of a person as she is. no one can help but falling in love with an her, even when she is selfish. she has the best heart out of anyone you will ever know, trying her best to make sure everyone around her is happy.
dude#1:man this girl is so amazing

dude#2: i’m trying to make elrohi my wife

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