its a name
a name for girls of german origin meaning peaceful home or industrious also the name of a saint
its not common but it is a name
emeline is a pretty name
a girl who is the sweetest thing you’ll ever meet. she’s cute, funny, and talented, often eccentric, but in a good way. she’ll do the best to make the people around her happy, and she’s the best friend you could ask for. however, she’s insecure and often has a painful past. she doesn’t think highly of herself, she might think she’s plain when in reality she’s uncannily beautiful. most all guys love her, but they’re intimidated by her. she often has dark hair and eyes.
hey, you know that girl emeline? i so want to be her.
a p-n-s, usually with excessive unshaved and unwashed pubic hair.
“whoa, emeline is big…” moaned rachel lim.

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