a wonderful, talented and brilliant gem. her keen sense of what’s going on in the world, will keep you interested. although her social skills aren’t always the best, you can count on her being loyal always. she has a deep understanding of people and her surroundings. emerald’s are often multi talented, extremely intelligent and beautiful to say the least.
you are such an emerald. wow! what an emerald!
a girl; very bi polar. a great friend. quite sometimes. very loud with her friends. exbaressed easily by her friends. amazing singer. very emotional. often called stupid. loved very much by her bestfriend.
d-mn yo, my girl was all emerald last night.
a awesome funny girl! she wants happiness and world peace, a great friend who is always there.
d-mn! you are so lucky to have emerald as a friend.
a sweet,caring, kind girl who’s shy around new people, but when with friends, can’t be shut up. a great singer. even though she may have a shiny exterior, deep down she hides her true feelings because she doesn’t like to show her feelings.

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