the coolest person you’ll ever meet, your partner in crime
a:do you know whos the coolest person ever ?
b: yeah, emerson.
emerson is a guy with super skilled abilities. he can chop a block of wood by giving it the death stare. a emerson is a word to describe the most handsome child a man could ever wish to have the luck of being given. emerson are those totally awesome guys you wish to meet in yourlifetime.
a father: man did you see that father today at karate, that boy was all a father could hope to have he must of been a emerson.

a mother: that mom has the most spectacular handsome charming intelligent son i have seen, she must have a emerson.
some man:did you see that tornado stop in it’s tracks?
some woman: yes, emerson musta gave it a look of “i will kick your b-tt” if you dont wind down.

siblings: my mother couldn’t of come up with a more origninal loving great brother as our emerson.
any bloke who has excelled at things, life in particular
wow, look at that emerson in the nice car, you can tell he’s winning at life
the best idea since sliced bread.
you: “what’s an emerson.”
me: “something amazing.”
an incredbly hot man with huge body parts. females are attracted to his d-ck. he is soooooooooooooo hotttttttttttttt and is smokin
emerson is the coolest person in the world. she is great at anything she puts her mind to…she roxx! she is no goody good…she is not boring…ever…she is a hyper active person who loves to talk
who is the coolest person in the world?

a wonderful girl who is a great friend and is great at sports. she’s smart and pretty. she will always help you out. she makes you laugh a lot. she has a great sense of humor. she’s always fun to be with. she has a great imagination. if she is your friend, you’re one of the luckiest people ever!
emerson has a great smile and is very, very smart and funny!

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