a really beautiful woman, who has the most beautiful eyes and who likes watermelon, who likes alternative and metal, a very good kisser, who treats her boyfriends really good, even if they treat her like d-ck
person 1: wow is that emilee
person 2: cant you tell shes cute and nice and beautiful and just look at those eyes
1. code word for alcohol.
2. code word of ecstasy. (mdma)
3. a juggalette
4. a girl that is really nice but will bite ur f-ckin head off if she dont like you.
i need my emilee!
emilee im sorry i didnt mean to steel ur barbie.. dont kiil me!!!!
a girl with not only amazing eyes, hair, body and smile she also is a very loyal friend to few people. she will strive in whatever she wants in life and many will envy her good-luck. just be honest and truthful to her and she will be a best friend for life, emilee’s hate liars and can spot them out a mile away.
i wish i had an emilee as a friend…

i wish i was an emilee!
someone that doesnt talk unless she is completely comftorble in her surrondings
someone with the most amazing eyes ever!
someone that hangs out with alexis or toris
mostly falls in love with dustins or johns or charless
someone that doesnt like to show weekness
she is an amazing kisser
aka emy or lily

i saw emilee and alexis fighting over john yesterday
hands down the most beautiful girl in the world.

her green eyes are like tall gr-ss growing in the meadows of heaven, itching at my heart, and sculpting new feelings as the days go by. the pretty smile reminds me of the sun gleaming through the clouds on a dreary day. her free spirited personality radiates as a bright light would in the darkness of midnight. her goddess-like beauty more than surp-sses that of any female i have ever laid eyes on. the word “beautiful” does not even half-way describe the thoughts that fill my mind when i so little as glance at her. this girl is.

cj: “who is that chick you have your eyes on again?”
jimmy: “her name is emilee!”
a beautiful young lady. a person who loves to have a great time and live life up… loves to party. a girl who is nice and caring. and hates over sized people. a girl who loves her friends and respects you if she is respected in return
1) i love emilee
2) who doesnt love her?!
– a girl with trust issues, who hates fake people. usually thinks less of herself when she is one of the most amazing girls to walk the earth. tends to be self conscious and shy in groups but one on one and with friends she is completely open and loud. emilee’s are truly irreplaceable. emilee’s usually hang;s out with ashley’s or lily’s
girl number 1: that emilee girl was pretty quite she must be shy.

lily: clearly you don’t know her…

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