emily carlton

a b-tch that can’t fight
don’t be a emily carlton

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  • alter schwede

    german: slang for “dude!” 1: guck dir die wolke an! riesig, oder? 2. alter schwede! 1: ja mann!

  • t*ts to *ss

    this term refers to the whole of a woman’s body and acts as a (totally s-xist) metaphor for ‘everything’, from a to z, the whole shebang. the navy seals did the operation from t-ts to -ss.

  • nope licate

    it’s the opposite of duplicate. instead of something getting done twice it doesn’t get done at all. you asked us both to do something, and we didn’t want to duplicate work, so neither one of us did it. oh great, so instead of duplicate work we got nope-licate work.

  • pig squeezer

    someone who likes to f-ck short fat b-tches. pig squeezer. other terms being – pig squeezers pidgeon toucher otter basher seal clouber lee: i was trebucheting squirrels across then field when i saw that big gunty milk lady outside, i totally chased her down and f-cked her. matt and glen: dude you’re totally a pig […]

  • duecergency

    urgent need for a bowel movement. i made record time walking home today; total duecergency!

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