a beautiful women, commonly found with blue/green eyes and blonde hair. funny, s-xy and all the guys want her. she is an angel. big -ss and b–bs in her future. she is caring for everyone and will never leave you astray. very insecure but little does she know how many adore her. she has a great future ahead. she doesnt want to grow up but is very strong and wont just take cr-p from anybody. so i hope you dont get on her bad side because no matter how skinny she will whoop your -ss.(:
man, my bestfriend is a emilynn
often described as a b-tch a ho or even a h-rny sl-t! b-tch…. a f-cker and someone/something that just doesnt stop trying to be hard.
sarah: omg!
jacky: wht?!
sarah: that jessica is such a b-tch.
jacky: i kno she should stop being an emilynn!

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