this name means “the king” in arabic. an emir is attractive, respectful, honest, strong, confident, funny, ambitious, loyal, and unforgetable. baddest dude around who will knock you the f-ck out, but also has a sweet and sensative side to him. one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet. unlike anyone else!
ladies, if you ever find one, hold on to him, don’t ever let him get away.
emir is the most amazing person i have ever met!
he is simply the king.
you could use word “emir” when someone is s-xy.lol
extremely easy going person.
that guy is such a emir, look at his jokes.
a cool guy. he really likes to skate, play his ps3, and hang with friends. mainly girls. but every now and then has time for guy friends. lol. oh yeah. helikes texting and music a whole lot too.
dayuuum homie! dat be emir of arrow skate team!

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