good friend, is up for a laugh, a bit quiet sometimes but generally a great girl 🙂
“she’s a great friend”
“yeah she’s like emmeline”
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a f-cking s-xy incredible person who gives the most f-cking amazing hugs, bjs, kisses, and advice. usually absolutely hot, and asian, and is always up for a laugh.
lets go find an emmeline.
emmeline is an elf-woman, directly descending from the elven queen, the great aym’lyne.

she is small and lithe, with a strong, slim body- yet she still has just the right amount of curves.

she has long undulating hair that cascades from her shoulders in waves; its swinging entrances mere mortals.

she is adept in the traditional south african dance, that which is practised in those clubs of young and wild beautiful people; her skill drives men wild with l-st, and women wild with envy.

she is indeed remarquably s-xy, in the way of the elven royalty of olden time, and doesn’t realise it, which greatly becomes her.

she is a sweet person, has moments of crazed excitement- as most young elf-women do-, and gives amazing advice to those in need of it.

she is a shoulder to lean on, to cry on, as well as a person to count on in times of laughter.

one should be honoured and proud to know emmeline- she is most -ssuredly the best friend one could dream of.
boy: who is that goddess dancing over there? she doesn’t even seem to notice anyone; but we’re all staring…
girl: of course, that’s the elf-woman emmeline. she wouldn’t notice a mere mortal such as yourself, she’s way too good for you. she’s a 9 (over 10), didn’t you know?
of or pertaining to avril lavigne.
my friend pulled an emmeline and now has a pink stripe of hair.
an emabar-ssed person
duude, stop eatin that ice cream. ur startin to look like an emmeline

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