emmett is a word meaning pimp. if your an emmett ur a pimp. another meaning is a cool guy.
what an emmett with all thoes chicks. i wish i was an emmett!
an attractive man with a huge p-n-s, he is also a good in bed and great at kissing!
i went home with an emmett last night.
the type of guy who falls asleep whilst on the toilet and goes home covered in jam.
hey, did you see emmett last night?” “yeah, i had to take a leak in the sink, so i covered him in jam
emmett is an amazing guy. he’s the type to keep a smile on your face even when he’s not around. he’s the best thing that could happen to you.

he’s the best thing that happened to me. i love emmett
emmetts a miracle
1. a wannabe gangster/emo felon who is a very naughty boy and is attracted to wh-r-s. nasty wh-r-s

2. p-n-s
hey did u see emmett last night?” “no all i saw was a tall guy cutting himself with his grills while a no-b–bed wh-r- was sucking his v-g-n-
nothing to do with that twilight b-st-rd emmett cullen, but an emmett is an awsome person who is big in the pants and is very cool.
did you see emmett last night? he’s so awsome.
an emmett would be commonly used to describe a guy with a p-n-s the size of someones thigh. a heartbreaker. cheater. liar. someone rough in bed. lover. someone fun to be with when you around them. funny. confused. stupid. a drop out. someone who dates multiple girls, but is truly only attracted to one. a pothead. someone who looks truly happy with a woman named katrina. someone who loves giraffes.
holy sh-t n-gg-. did u know greg dates dat gurl selena?” “h-llll ya brah, i heard he screwed dat gurrrl marissa too at carly’s house” “that’s such an emmett move.

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