to -rg-sm ubruptly due to emotional events or comments.
oh my god that was so good an sad and emo!! emoooooga-ssmmm!!!
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the feeling you get when listening to an emo song.
dude, i just listen to adam’s song by blink-182 and i totally had an emogasm
1: the victorious feeling emos get from generating a lot of pity or attention through crying, whining, etc.
2: the heady rush of adrenaline m-s-ch-sts get from being in pain.
student 1: why do the emos always come from the counselor smiling?
student 2: they’re having emogasms from all the attention.

sharon had an intense emogasm when she cut “pain” into her arm with a razor blade.
emo+-rg-sm plain and simple. word that emobubbles made in 2001, the original “to have an emo style -rg-sm
dont have an emogasm
a situation where it is so emo, it becomes physically possible to bleed tears, cry blood, and sploog razer-blades
i saw spiderman 3 and had to make up the word emogasm to describe it.

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