the alphabet in emoji form.
she insists on writing only with the emojibet. all the letters in her texts are in emoji. took me awhile to learn the yen emoji was her “y”.

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  • laggiest

    when something is so slow you need to defy grammar that call of duty game i just played was the laggiest game i have ever played.

  • maybeyer

    a non-committal person. someone that neither says yes or no – they’re always on the fence. staying true to form, christine opted with a maybe on her facebook invitation. christine is a maybeyer.

  • montse

    a fat -ss mother f-cker that sucks d-ck for lunch, is ugly like her mom, and is lesbian montse sucks mujer bonita

  • nizhere

    a boy with some good d-ck who will keep girls in love with him i love nizhere

  • man searching

    the inability to find an item when it is directly in front of you. he had a bad case of man searching.

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