emotionally inpet by the act of cutting
dude look at his wrist he totally does emotomy.

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  • kebabage

    used to name the kebab purchased at 2 am while intoxicated, or coming off the effects of intoxication. at all other times it is simply kebab. you know what i need right now man? kebabage.

  • cash money baller

    one with a lot of money maybe i’ll have 4 cars when i’m a cash money baller!

  • mujerzuela

    spanish for sl-t look at that white girl…stupid mujerzuela.

  • Chipotlinity

    eating at chipotle for the first time hey, guess what, i lost my chipotlinity tonight to a burrito.

  • drop the chalupa

    when you tell someone who keeps pursuing you and trying to hit on you to back the f-ck off or to cut the cr-p because you’re just not interested sarah was at a party and this guy named kelvin kept tryin to holla holla so she told him “drop the chalupa kelvin! you’re not my […]

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