portmanteau of “enemy” and “media”; american media–usually left-wing or liberal–that lies, distorts, censors and ignores key facts or information when reporting out of fear, ignorance, inept-tude or the typically willful promotion the democrat party’s agenda only, choosing to dispense propaganda instead of questioning authority and practicing objective journalism; see also bbc
muslim ‘honor killings’ here and in britain are reported as “suicides” by the enemedia. news stories about democrat politicians committing crimes, jihadists murdering innocents and gun owners saving lives will always be buried or simply not reported by the enemedia.
combination of the words enemy and media. used to describe the media’s desire to push a political or ideological agenda as news. invented by randallflagg on freerepublic in 2003 during the iraq war.
the enemedia keeps our military personnel’s lives in danger by constantly telling people that they’re fighting for a lost cause.

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