enrique the warrior

enrique is a funny,cool,and crazy guy he love to have fun with he friends he make funny and crazy video he play minecraft, gta v and gmod with he friends and he play football and he won the game and he want to go to puerto rico one day
enrique the warrior make video with caroline gaming and pixel creator and some of his friends enrique is a really nice guy he love to help his friends and family and he is a good pvp player in gta v and minecraft he play challenge with he friends enrique the warrior real name is enrique caroline gaming real name is caroline and pixel creator real name is jack all of enrique friends caroline,nellys,edgar,jack,joe,brian taylor,anahi,jazzy,david,martin,isabella,joey,alex,alonzo,roger,omar,and more

p.s enrique if you see this i love your video is make me happy keep it up bro

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