ladies man. conceited. man wh-r-. loves to walk in parks. loves hookups. will call an asian “higga”. wannabe b-ball player. but all around a best friend
fone call:
enrique: hey wanna go for a walk 2day?

lindsay: wtf? is this enrique???
enrique, normally artistic and p-ssionate….basically dam s-xy…
enrique martinez
everything good, cool, funny…. just everything swag is enrique
a guy who doesn’t know what he has until it’s gone. someone who uses girls to get what he wants and doesnt know the true meaning of love.
enrique ricardo cordero malave
f-cking smart awesome ladiesman with huge d-ck
d-mn i wanna be that guy

he f-cked every b-tch on the campus hes such an enrique
sh-t that guy must have the biggest d-ck cuz i constantly hear screaming
hottest singer out there!!
his voice gives gooseb-mps to me!!
enrique iglesias..the spanish hunk…sings like divine!
the name you call a hispanic friend when you can’t remember his real name.
“this is my friend, enrique.”
“my name is ricardo….”
“oh hey ricardo!”

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