tis a gathering.

meeting of ents. entmoots were held to discuss matters of importance. by the end of the third age these meetings had become rare.
treebeard : “the ents have not troubled about the wars of men and wizards for a very long time. but now something is about to happen that has not happened for an age… ent moot.”

merry : “what’s that ?”

treebeard : “’tis a gathering.”

merry : “a gathering of what ?”

many ents come out of the forest.

treebeard : “beech, oak, chestnut, ash… good, good, good. many have come. now we must decide if the ents will go to war.”
a gathering of ents during a moment of great importance to the community. usually involves conversations and debates on the deeper meanings behind the universe.
dude, i just got a fresh batch of trees…call the boys, it’s about time for an entmoot

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