Er henn

a sissy b-tch that weights 350 and its 5’7….dj erhenn
er henns a f-g

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  • race against time

    the time a man spends searching for a condom when he is about to have an unantic-p-ted s-xual encounter. it is during this time that a man is particularly vulnerable to losing his erection and returning to heavy-d-ck or complete flaccidity “i thought we were just gonna chill and watch movies, but she started kissing […]

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  • greazer

    a greazer is someone who does you dirty or sluffs on you or tries to just f-ck you over or does f-ck you over. mikes a greazer dawg he snitched on me for that weed.

  • greek exit

    to leave before paying your share of the bill at the bar took the greek exit leaving his friends to pick up his tab.

  • greekified

    making a man feel as though his p-n-s is as small as one in a traditional greek statue tom greekified jim and his 2 inch p-n-s.

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