ergonomics is a design method that utilizes human factors psychology whereby each factor that affects human well-being is considered in the design process of a tool, object, sp-ce or system. the person is -ssessed as an individual and there is no blanket-sweep approach, the system fits to accommodate the individuals and not the other way around. with ergonomics we no longer have to ‘fit in’ and conform but are free to be ourselves with a system that supports and strengthens both individuals and groups as a whole. ergonomics seeks to decrease unhealthy stress of the body and mind to reduce injury, improve their life and strengthen organizations. ergonomics is an efficient scientific tool that enables independent and equal access to buildings and services. there is a powerful economic argument that improved well-being equals improved productivity and that slave labor and poor living conditions are unsustainable and in the long run, simply bad for business. therefore putting human well-being at the core to our systems is more profitable than chasing profit; the irony. additionally by putting well-being at the core of our world, sustainability would be an inevitable byproduct. ergonomics is an ideologically neutral and pragmatic tool.
“ergonomics” most people think of left-handed scissors, office chairs or braille keypads when they think about ergonomics but it is all encomp-ssing and can be applied just as easily to computer interfaces, architecture, urban sp-ces, organizations, systems and services. an ergonomic system has both efficiency and empathy.

“my shoes are designed to mold to the individual contours of my feet to support my spine and core strength, they’re well ergonomic”
to make the man fit into the box instead of the box fitting round the man.
to put people in cubicles and force them to be creative instead of putting them in a creative environment and letting it happen

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