jerk on mysp-ce who trolls other sites, har-sses people, and photoshops people’s images into unflattering images because he is upset he has a weak, don knotts-like chin, a bad 70s looking permanent, and has been a total failure in the music and entertainment business. his best friends are the most hated trolls on mysp-ce because no one in their right mind who is legitimate would friend him or his putrid group of white trash he hangs with. oh yeah, he is the unemployed douchebag who spends every spare moment of his day har-ssing people online, photoshopping images of their faces because he thinks it is so cutting edge. oh yeah, he is friends with bad lisa, a drama queen with a criminal record, who has been deleted at least 10 times from mysp-ce because of her threats and tantrums.

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  • Westside Glaze

    when a n-gg- take his d-ck and dip that sh-t in olive oil and smack a b-tch aside the head. b-tch on yo knees’ so i can westside glaze you!

  • West Virginia Wobble

    when one professes to live an impeccable life and then makes out with a girl… only to get peed on by her in bed. literally. wow mike. we all really had a good time until that girl put the west virginia wobble on you.

  • Friendtern

    a friend, typically of the opposite s-x, that garners no s-xual benefits in the relationship. we’re not friends-with-benefits…he’s just a friendtern.

  • snoa

    so, no one asked used when someone says something completely irrelevant and no one really gives a sh-t. i just had a horrible night. snoa.

  • Jamaican chainmail

    mesh fabric favored for tshirts and singlets (wife beaters) in the carribean and among carribean diasphoric populations worldwide. delroy kept cool through the long kingston night by wearing only a 9mm, a pair of shorts, and a jamaican chainmail wife beater.

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