a person who is dumb, clumzy, lazy,financially unstable, lacks common sense, and/or does stupid sh-t without being aware that they are doing stupid sh-t.
that eroon just tripped over his own feet.

can’t believe she went on a shopping spree when she’s facing foreclosure and she has no money in the bank, what an eroon.

at work betty forgets projects, sends emails to the wrong people, leaves early, and sleeps in her cubicle…. she’s definitely the company eroon.

she was an hour late to dinner because of her eroonious map reading attempts.

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    a supreme state of intoxication in which one begins throwing full cups of beer at others. sean – “yo b, are you gonna get bunk dizzled tonight and slay?” brendan- “yes and yes”

  • errait

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  • bunkzoo

    a crammed, usually messy college dormitory where college students reside and preform quotidian activities. dormitory room(s) with two or more residents in a plot of land less than or equal to 20x20ft commonly characterized by lofted of bunk beds. see dorm for further explanation. my dorm is such a bunkzoo.

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