a word used by your favorite rapper, lil pump.
i f-cked a lil b-tch she was tired. esget-t!

Read Also:

  • spoilt b*tch syndrome sbs

    a person (not necessarily female) who expects to have everything they want to have handed to them on a plate the child next door has a bad case of spoilt b-tch syndrome (sbs); i can hear regular screaming through the walls when something isn’t exactly what the child wanted

  • wackwhipped

    whenever you’re about to bang a girl but she has a boyfriend. i got wackwhipped at that party yesterday.. i f-cking hate myself.

  • farjaad

    a man and/or woman that has zero knowledge on the sport of basketball. person 1: what is basketball? person 2: i have no idea. i’m farjaad.

  • dope d*ck syndrome

    when you f-ck a girl and she keeps coming back for more. guy 1: d-mn bro, that girl keeps asking if she can come over and f-ck again. guy 2: sounds like you gave her dds bro. guy 1: what is that? guy 2: dope d-ck syndrome dude

  • stimpay

    stimpay. someone that you wanna f-cking runaway from. stimpay is the best mineman pvper ever!

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