the act of devastatingly rough s-x to a female/male partner, or oniony goddess with the intent of damaging their s-x organ/-n-s with the male p-n-s, causing the maximum pain and s-xual pleasure imaginable. eshrekulate reaches farther lengths than ravish and destroy. the after affects are quite risky, these include early menstruation, rectal bleeding, loss of memory, hypnotism, temporary paralysis to the legs, and more.

do with caution
1.will you eshrekulate my p-ssy?
2. may i eshrekulate your p-ssy?
3. i don’t feel so good after that eshrekulation session.
4. they were making so much noise, i thought they were eshrekulating!
5. d-mn, boy! you stretched me good after you eshrekulated me! i almost died!

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