a term used to conflate the eu (european union) with the eussr. first popularised in the west on the stormfront website. usually used by those on the far right.
in uk the employers pay less as they have supply of cheap workers from the eussr
eu + ussr = eussr.
this is an emphasis on the congeled mess that the beureacratic superstate thet the eu (european union) is similar to the ussr, in that it is a politically left leaning, beareacratic perveyor of marxism and red tape.
the eussr is destroying farmers livelihoods…
eussr is the product of the amalgamation of the acronyms eu (european union) and ussr (union of socialist soviet republics).

eurosceptics use the term eussr to connect the tyranny of the eu with the tyranny of the ussr.
britain forced to comply with new eussr law granting prisoners the right to vote.

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