to promote to an executive position.

when i grow up, i want to be executed! please execute me!
to put to death by order of the law; kill legally.
a: i think micheal jackson’s doctor should be executed or sentanced to life in prison for intentionally overdosing him! if i hear right, that’s 1st degree murder!


name: mio kuroki.

crime: serving the dark kingdom, making the lives of the sailor senshi as miserable as possible and misusing clowns.

plea: guilty.

sentance: execution.

c: marie antoinette was executed because she was considered austrian by the french people. they shouted terrible things at her while she was dragged by the wagon to her place of execution.

d: after king louis the 16th was guillotined, cries of “vive la republique!” developed within 10 minutes and very soon became the universal shout of the crowd. it means “long live the republic!” in english.
to have s-x or s-xual activity with the opposite s-x. usually requires penetration. foreplay, hand job, bl-w j-b, even -n-l doesn’t count.

to complete the task of s-xula penetration with the p-n-s into the v-g-n-.
i took her out to a nice dinner, cost me an -ss load and she wouldn’t let me execute at the end of the night. she just closed her legs!!

i got a hand job last night, but couldn’t execute. she wasn’t ready for me yet.

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