exercising your rights

basically means ramming the fact down people throats that you have a right to be doing what you are doing when they already know that and are not even challenging you. many people in britain ‘exercise their right’ not to buy a tv license by calling up tv licensing to tell them they dont have a tv and thats all they need to say, but some record it for youtube and make a big fuss about how they got a ‘threatening’ letter through their door telling them they could get £1000 fine if they are watching tv illegally is against their human rights and all that bullsh-t.

exercising your rights is not to be confused with explaining your rights, which means you are having a sensible discussion and putting your point of view forward.
h-ssling someone over the phone who is only doing their job is not exercising your rights. you are just being a douche and an -sshole.

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