exotic butters

a meme originating from five nights at freddy’s: sister location. at the start of the fifth night, “eggs benedict” (the name given to the player on night 1 by handunit, an artificial intelligence designed for maintinence) is offered a variety of gift baskets as a reward for a week’s work. predictably, handunit misinterprets his choice and, instead of picking a basket of fruits, nuts, flowers, or cash, instead chooses for him the completely random option of “exotic b-tters”. the basket then shows up as a clickable object in the ‘extras’ menu, where clicking just repeats the phrase ‘exotic b-tters’. the utter absurdity of it quickly reached memetic status.
handunit- “as a reward for completing your first week, the company is giving you a complementary gift basket of your choice, the cost of which will be deducted from your pay. we have baskets containing fruits, nuts, flowers, and the ever popular cash basket. using the keypad, please type the first few letters of the basket you would like to recieve.”

player- “i want the cash basket!” (attempts to type cash)

handunit- “it seems you had a bit of trouble with the keypad. i see what you were trying to type, and i will now autocorrect it for you. thank you for selecting: exotic b-tters.”

player- “oh for the love of…” (proceeds to facepalm)

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