Exploding Popes

exploding popes can be several different meanings, but most notably:

a 4-piece rock band from westchester county, ny;

a fruity drink they serve in local bars during “that time of the year”;

the punchline to an old joke that n-body remembers;

or the head of the vatican somehow erupting in a fiery mess.
“well, the exploding popes arent horrible, i mean theyre better than joe’s band, but theyre too soft for me.”

“lemme get an exploding pope!” “..what?”

“…and he said an exploding pope!” “wow man that joke sucked”

“(newcaster) and we are greatly shocked, mortified, and upset about the exploding pope..the janitors of the vatican are now cleaning up this bl–dy catholic mess, and are planning on making some vaticandy out of his charred remains.”

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