when a girl starts fingering herself for the first time.
jim: yo i caught my girl exploring herself last night.

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  • wet hamrag

    after cutting ham, wiping up the ham juice with a towel imma slap u with my wet hamrag

  • dudin off

    just makes doing male things; why is henry eating milk in a bowl with a tablespoon? ahh, he’s just dudin’ off. just males doing male things; why is jamal drop kicking our ferns? ahh, he’s just dudin’ off.

  • neezzy

    neezzy is a successful person that’s excels in everyday life activities. a person that is named neezzy is a very attractive, handsome human being. id iove to name my son neezzy

  • white cloud c*m

    when you c-m and there’s little white clouds in your load d-mn dude, last night i showed my girlfriend some white cloud c-m!

  • chocolate stare

    when a non-chocolate person stares at a chocolate person in wonderment/l-st/s-xual curiosity. girl 1: i always catch him staring at me. i’m like “why are you looking at me all the time?!” girl 2: “oh he’s giving you the chocolate stare. he’s curious.”

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