radical extreme escaping.
well the tiger exscaped!; the game was so intense that the football exscaped the player’s hands!; shoot it! shoot it! don’t let the beast exscape!

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  • Exscene

    when a scenester takes it too far with the big colourful hair and h-llo kitty. when a scene wanna be try realy hard to be scene but looks like a total idiot. ellie: wooah! look at that scene kid over there. saffron: eew. ellie: what exsceneism

  • squirrel jaws

    when you have crammed your pole so far down a b-tch’s throat, she has a nut in each cheek. the drunk b-tch that was sucking my d-ck at the party never expected to get the squirrel jaws as i was shooting my c-ck juice.

  • T-Bellulosis

    the act of losing all your organs through the -n-l area after eating a load of taco bell dude dans got t-bellulosis after all those chalupas!


    an acronym which stands for: “taco bell loving and obsessing over compulsive disorder” nurse: “what the diagnosis doctor?” doctor: “he seams to have a rare condition called tblaoocd” nurse: “what’s that short for doctor?” doctor: “taco bell loving and obsessing over compulsive disorder, nurse.” nurse: “oh my! well get him to the e.r. stat!”

  • Bolero

    an epic folk metal band from the greater toronto area, ontario canada. for fans of moonsorrow, finntroll, ensiferum, equilibrium. www.mysp-ce.com/bolerometal

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