the meaning is getting money through force or threats
in the song first day out by boo gatti it said “extortion we just pick pocket him”
a crime in which something is obtained by use of threats or intimidation etc.
michael jackson was the victim of extortion attempts by two greedy people itching to get their hands on his money.
1. gaining something of value by threatening or inflicting harm on a person or property. blackmail is a type of extortion.

2. protection in a criminal sense.

3. a mobb deep track (h-ll on earth) featuring method man.
“extortion is the key i got the key for extortion
spend your fortune, dead your shorty like abortion
take precaution, infamous laws enforced in
you married to the mobb, kid take it then divorce it
cause i ain’t got no time for them domestic disputes
if you scared get a dog don’t got a click then recruit
you’re weak troop, lost the tan in the mist
on your name my sh-t, take it like a man you little b-tch”
– havoc

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