Eyedea & Abilities

eyedea & abilities is an underground hip hop duo. eyedea acting as the mc, and dj abilities serving as the producer. michael “eyedea” l-rs-n was born november 9, 1981 and p-ssed away october 17, 2010. he was known as a prominent underground hip hop artist, as well as a freestyle battle champion with notable wins at scribble jam in 1999 and the hbo aired blaze battle in 2000. dj abilities is known for winning 3 dmc awards, as well his mixtapes. although initially known as a b-boy/battle rapper, eyedea & abilities shocked their audience with the release of their debut alb-m first born. the alb-m covers a wide range of philosophical topics embodying the teachings of krishnamurti, plato, ayn rand and many other intellectual thinkers. the alb-m e&a was released in 2004, and by the throat was released in 2009. michael “eyedea” l-rs-n p-ssed away on october 17, 2010 due to an accidental opiate overdose. the legacy of e&a will never fade from existence. the duo was always loyal to their fan base often times humbled by the simple act of a fan seeking an autograph or p-ssing on encouragement. eyedea has found posthumous fame in death, allowing his message to reach a wider audience. he was one of the greatest to ever pick up a microphone, and while he was certainly flawed as a person, his love for humanity shows that he was a beautiful being, this world isn’t good enough for him. r eye p finally free.
eyedea & abilities = guaranteed eargasm. they kill it :d

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