Eyes Set To Kill

“eyes set to kill began in 2004 as a three-piece band from phoenix, az, seeking a unique sound that would combine the soft, melodic feel of female vocals and gut-wrenching screaming, backed up by powerful instrumentals with a post-hardcore influence. alexia rodriguez (lead guitar, vocals), anissa rodriguez (b-ss guitar), and lindsey vogt (lead vocals), searched the local area for talented and dedicated musicians to create this sound and aid them in their quest to make a name for themselves amongst the many other talented bands coming out of arizona. to their utter dismay, they were frequently ignored and turned down by s-xist musicians, despite their obvious talent and potential. the girls were cl-ssified, stereotyped, and rejected by the ignorant music scene before their demo was given a mere listen. however, after struggling to be heard for what seemed an eternity, the girls found their guys in mid-2005. despite sharing the stage with several signed and unsigned artists, including chiodos, bless the fall, goodbye tomorrow, my american heart, and greeley estates, this initial combination was only temporary, and over the next several months, the band continued to undergo changes in their musical lineup. finally, in early 2006, three young gentlemen came into the picture to produce the uniquely refreshing, new and improved version of eyes set to kill. greg kerwin, (guitar), brandon anderson (vocals), and caleb clifton(drums) joined the girls without hesitation. the band strenuously worked to bring eyes set to kill back to life after losing half of their members, and persisted to record a mind-blowing ep (scheduled to come out summer 2006) with arizonas highly acclaimed larry elyea and his studio, minds eye digital. now, after struggling through the exit of several former band members, the girls and the new lineup of guys never fail to impress. melodic guitar riffs violently flood into the ears of listeners while emotionally capturing screams h-t the audience with an unforgettable feeling. accompanying this is the entrancing voice of a girl, speaking of thoughts, conceptions, and her own personal experiences and struggles, alongside harmoniously complimenting b-ss lines. finally to keep the masterpiece together, drumbeats that can be both full of rage and hysteria, and at other times encomp-ss patience and peace surround the listener. this, my dear friends, is eyes set to kill.” – amanda sipenock
guy 1: eyes set to kill are so freakin’ pro.
guy 2: oh yeah? maybe i’ll check them out.
guy 1: you should, they’re amazing.

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