derived from marvin the martian’s ‘eat my sp-ce dust’
you’re such a scamming jerk, a report happy. go and do ‘eyod!’ if you want some, go and eat my dust too!

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  • Cwanked

    past tense of cw-nking (crying whilst w-nking) chris just cw-nked over kate

  • squatshot

    squatshot is a reusable portable urinary device specifically designed for females. squatshot can be used whenever a conventional toilet is not available. squatshot was originally designed to accommodate female boaters urinate when aboard a boat without a head. squatshot is now being used by female 4-wheelers, bikers, campers, travelers, etc.

  • squawking

    yelling profusely loud at a party to a girl to start sucking your d-ck at that very moment regardless of the setting man, i could hear kyle squawking from ten miles away last night

  • squeaky hammer

    getting oral from a chick and then using her saliva as lube to have -n-l s-x with her i got bored from getting a bl-wj-b from tiff so i pulled out and gave her a squeaky hammer

  • Squirrel Cage Jail

    the best place to visit in council bluffs, iowa. it is haunted and it has the best tour guides.currently there are two and im one of them lol… but visit it…look them up and call them seriously you dont wanna miss it. the squirrel cage jail is the best musuem ever!

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