to look at something obsessively and repeatedly in order to see if its status as changed, or to check constantly on something to try to make its status change.
from the practice of hitting the f5 key repeatedly to refresh a messageboard thread while waiting for somebody to post.
“dude, that girl who works at pink pony was totally f5ing our table at veselka last night.”

“i f5’ed the f-ck out of that relationship, but by the fourth breakup, i was over it.”

“i totally f5 the locks on my house since i got robbed.”

“she kept f5’ing her look but she still looked like a wombat”

“i was so stoned and hungry i f5’d my refrigerator like 10 times before i finally broke down and ordered chinese.”
explosive diarrhea blast.
after eating a large bowlful of lima beans, i had an f5 and nearly sh-t my pants.
commonly accepted as the strongest tornado possible. according to thomas schlatter, the fujita scale goes all the way up to f-12, which is winds the speed of sound. the article was actually written in fune 1986 and was cited in the jan/feb 98 issue of the same periodical. since before the original article was written in 1986, there has never been a doc-mented tornado of f-6 or above, and the author states it’s not likely to happen.

james r. mcdonald includes a table of fujita levels and wind speeds. f-6 and above is labled as “inconcievable damage”. wind speed are as follows (in miles per hour):
f-6 319-379
f-7 380-445
f-8 446-513
f-9 514-585
f-10 586-659
f-11 660-735
f-12 736 and above
note: the speed of sound at -3ºc is 736 miles per hour.
works cited

mcdonald, james r. “t. theodore fujita: his contribution to tornado knowledge through damage doc-mentation and the fujita scale.” bulletin of the american meteorological society; jan2001, vol. 82 issue 1, p63-72

schlatter, thomas. “f6 tornadoes.” weatherwise; jan/feb98, vol. 51 issue 1, p28
a s-xual act involving spinning around destructively while ejaculating. when having s-x at a girlfriend’s place, one pulls out of her right before climaxing. one then proceeds to outstretch their arms and spin around violently and erratically in circles, smashing into things and knocking them over while simultaneously -j-c-l-t-ng all over.
kelly – “whoa, what happened to your room, jill? everything is smashed on the floor and covered in come!?”

jill – “my boyfriend found out i was cheating on him and hit me with an f5. :(”

a slang term for the refresh b-tton on a web browser. almost, if not every web browser ever produced has made f5 as the hotkey for “refresh”.
a young 12-year old vandalizes the george w. bush on wikipedia. just to see how long his work stays before reversion, he keeps f5’ing hoping that each time he hits it the article won’t be reverted.
v. 1 to refresh yourself, like if you’ve been daydreaming during a meeting.
v. 2 to wake up.

origin comes comes from the use of f5 as a “refresh” key for ms windows applications.
frank: greg, what did you think of tom’s suggestion.
greg: (daydreaming) huh? wha?
tom: f5, dude!

i can’t really f5 until my second cuppajava.
an f5 is the category -ssigned to the most powerful of tornadoes. the “f” refers to “fujita,” because it’s the fujita scale that’s used to measure how violent tornadoes can get. ratings range from f1 to f5. f1 means a rather weak twister, about 70 to 90 m.p.h., and an f5 is the mother of all dust devils. while f2s, f3s and f4s are also really dangerous (f4s are almost as destructive), they are popcorn farts compared to f5s. if there’s an f5 in your vicinity,
a) squat down
b) place your head firmly between your legs
c) kiss your -ss goodbye.
that f5 twister lifted my house off its foundation, spat it out in splinters like a projectile vomiting vacuum cleaner, impaled my dog onto the neighbor’s weathervane, sucked all the sewage out of the water treatment plant, and now it’s raining peanuts, second hand toilet paper, fermenting t-rds and aborted puppies. but what a h-ll of a bl-wj-b! woooohoooo!!!!!!

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