face ass

relevant to head -ss.
the act of being stupid and having no common sense, however the person is ugly, which makes them that much more r-t-rded.
patty shwab: i like eggs.
eric: patty you’re such a face -ss.
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word used to end a sentence after making fun of someone.
chase: “i went shopping at the mall today”
devonte: “look at you and your shop till i drop face -ss”
when someone ridicules themselves.
“i can so totaly get 7 girls in one night”
the other person says

“face -ss ”
followed by the acknowledgement of a dumb action.
oh i wanna wear shorts when it’s 2 degrees outside face-ss!
an insult that can be followed by b-st-rd n-gg- or any other profanity to emphasize you dislike for a person.
ol’ face-ss n-gg- talking sh-t.
a word that can sometimes take place of “yea right”
yea you`re so fine. face-ss
someone who is so dumb that they don’t know their face from their -ss.
look at him, he doesn’t even know who meryl streep is. what a face–ss!

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