Facebook Philosopher

an individual unable to come up with an original thought that wants to say something profound, but doesn’t even know what profound means!!! so they surf the web for famous philosophers to plagiarize in an attempt to sound more intelligent, illuminated, and enlightened. the only people impressed by this are their other illiterate, backwoods, toothless, hillbilly friends that think dental floss is used to sabiki bait fish.
jill -reading her facebook news feed wants to say something philosophical so she quotes buddha by saying – “all that we are is the result of what we have thought”

jack- wow jill is such a facebook philosopher someone should tell her how intelligent she is!
someone who feels the need to use facebook as a forum to make others think he or she is smarter than them
brad is the quintessential facebook philosopher. constantly trying to broadcast his ‘brilliance’.
a person that constantly post in their facebook status sayings that they feel are deep, motivational, and inspirational but they are really just annoying. every status update seems like a bad toast.
every day kaylee changes her facebook status to something she feels is deep and philosophical. she is such a facebook philosopher. her posts should start out “kaylee says ….”
people who update there status (mainly stones) daily with bullsh-t philosophies and phrases, in a bid to try and make themselves look intellectual.
for example a facebook philosophers may say don’t stay in bed unless your making money in bed etc…
a pseudo intelligent person who finds it necessary to steal song lyrics and famous quotes to elicit a reaction from their audience or to appear to be deeply thoughtful or philosophical. these people will usually accomplish their goals by receiving feedback or “likes” from the uninformed when they indeed haven’t earned them, only egging them on to further post bs. for the large majority of the population, they just appear to be r-t-rds.
joe: “leticia, i really like your post today! i found it so inspiring when you said, ‘all you need is love, love. love is all you need.’ that is so true.”
leticia: “yeah, just a little something i came up with.
chris: “leticia! who are you kidding?!? will you please post something by led zeppelin tomorrow? i sure could use some stairway to heaven inspiration. d-mn, facebook philosopher.”
a person who comes up with quotes by themselves in their everyday life that they believe are worth posting to facebook, when some of them are even good enough to be actual modern philosophies. such as “people don’t care about your life unless it relates to their own”.
dude, jacob is such a facebook philosopher!
an individual whose facebook statuses are often chiched quotes such as “when in doubt, just take the next small step”, “make peace with the past so it doesn’t screw up the present”, or “sometimes its hard to understand, but time tells truth.” these give the impression that said facebook user is wise, when in fact they are merely putting on airs.
a: “wow, jeff is pretty deep!”

b: “nah, he’s just a facebook philosopher”

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