n. a thoroughly better way to say facebook, considering the number of socially inept douches obsessed with it
“heeey girl! u need to sign up on facebook – it’s like the coolest thing ever!!”

“oh u mean facebox? i hear it has a lot of obsessed douches”
an awesome band, maybe the best. hard rock, the next old school linkin park…coolest dudes in the world and the best headbangers west of the mississippi!

“yo, you know that band face box?”
“yeah! they rocked the house at their show last week! i want to have their babies!”
when you go hunting for box on facebook
i ‘facebox’ed your mum last night
v. to send someone an inbox message on facebook. meant to help you stop sounding stupid, like while telling someone to ‘inbox’ you or ‘facebook message’ you, in which case they will invariably use the sh-tty facebook chat instead.
“hey, send me that link on facebook.”
-recieves link via chat, subsequently causing the entire browser to close and all h-ll to generally break loose-
“no you -sshat, facebox me!”
when someone sends you an inbox message on facebook
if you want to say something personal to me dont put it on my wall facebox me
spittin game @ girls on facebook with the hopes of hooking up

louie: yea im on the book gettin @ a few girls

craig: nuthin like a lil face box

louie: face box?

craig: box obtained thru facebook
giving a politically-charged status update on facebook.
“boy, mary was really up on her facebox about healthcare reform.”

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