absolutely stuffed, worn out, exhausted, tired
i am absolutely facknackulated

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  • facrediting

    when a person is looking for their credit card in their wallet at the register. your buying groceries and holding up the whole line, you are then facrediting.

  • factbook

    the alternate word for facebook, as many people use the social-networking website as a fact-checker. kaitlin: are zach and liz still together? kelsey: i’m not sure… check factbook. kaitlin: ..oooh it’s complicated. kelsey: fair game. get itttt.

  • gump sense

    1. dumb 2. stupid 3. about as bright as a burned out light bulb 4. not to swift 5. the opposite of highly intellegent 6. just plain dumb oh great that guy is coming back yeah hes got gump sense it took me 2 hours to explain how we fixed his blazer last nite and […]

  • galactic gash

    any f-ckable p-ssy found in outersp-ce, humanoid or alien. captain kirk loved exploring any new galactic gash he could find, he would boldly go where no man had gone before.

  • Mhosin

    a one-of-a-kind, super awesome friend who deserves the nicest person ever award. only the most caring, generous people are called mhosin, sometimes shortened to mhos. they have a good sense of humour and love hanging out with their closest friends, but they are also very charismatic and gets along with everyone. if you encounter a […]

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