completely gone/messed up
“d-mn bro, i’m so faded right now!”
word used on the west coast for being high/stoned/blazed.
yo, im soo d-mn faded
the equivalent of being buzzed but… smoking wise
me:dude this is a nice level its like being faded but not to the point where your stoned.
fred:cool story bro, tell it again.
a song by tyga feat. lil wayne
“i’m faded faded faded my n-gg- i’m faded faded and i dont give a f-ck”
the after effects of getting really high, slow and groggy feeling
person 1: man, i smoked so much last night, i woke up so faded
person 2: haha, only cure for that is to wake and bake!!
term used when talking about a fad that is over, or is fading out.
claire: did you see the feathers she got in her hair?

sarah: yeah i’m sick of seeing it, that sh-t is faded.
really drunk
“last night i was so faded”
sl. adj. to be diminished, defeated or canceled out in power and due respect of status.

sl. v. past tense, past participle of “to fade.”

also sl. adj. belittled in respect toward oneself.
tupac (ghost lyrics): “some say i’m crazy; these punk -ss cops can’t fade me. mama tried to raise me, but had too many babies.”

here the word (“faded”) is used in the present tense of the verb form “to fade;” causing to become faded.

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