someone who is so f-ck-ng hot and he gets all the s-xy girls.
i wish i was a fadhildo

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  • emadji

    to be so utterly p-ss-d off that one can only use emojis to express their true anguish. usually happens via text message. girl 1 text messages: hey! how are you? girl 2: 😡😡😡😤😤😤😡😡😡 girl 1: i see, i see. you’re emadji.

  • douche-a-matic

    being a douche bag automatically or without trying. having no control of being a douche bag it just comes automatically or naturally. you’re a douche-a-matic!

  • skoshe

    a small amount just a skoshe please

  • joshua t

    an entertainer who wants everyone in the room to be paying attention to him. wants as many girls as possible to be in love with him. goes after all types all ages (kids) has no standards. his goal is to get dumb impressionable girls to worship him. he’s clueless how to and when he tries […]

  • co dudes

    when a person is a coworker but also a good friend hey man thanks for covering for me you’re we are now co dudes

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