another term for fart
did you fadodaltoo just now?

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  • dlae

    a person that delays everything like a piece of sh-t. f-ck! john is such a dlae!

  • celyna

    a person who doesn’t hook her husbands friends up with her hot friends. single friend – your friends hot! hook the boys up! married friends wife – no! single friend – don’t celyna the boys. wow, your friends hot. don’t be such a celyna and hook me up.

  • dirty sherly temple

    the act in which one sh-ts on a child while receiving oral s-x from a consenting adult. guy: dude, things went a little wild last night, totally did the dirty sherly temple. guys friend: gross, where do you find a parent willing to allow their kid to partic-p-te in such things.

  • condom crusher

    when you f-ck a girl so f-cking hard that the condom breaks and you tell your friends 9 months later that was how your first kid was born carl:hey darin my son is the result of a raging condom crusher darin:that’s f-cking awesome my dude

  • donton

    (rhymes with wanton) a practical joke, in which the perpetrator screams “donton!” when the joke is revealed as a ruse. “i can’t believe i backed into that cop car the other day.” -friend 1 “life is just a series of being dontonned by god.”-friend 2

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