1. a person who is acting like a f-g but is not acutually a f-g.
2. a temporary state of being known as a f-g.
you killed me in that game, you are a f-glo

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  • RageFactor

    the scale of your rage. how hard you party or how hard you partied last night. “given a rating from one to ten, one being buzzed and ten being hospital, i would have to say that my ragefactor was at least an eight” “dude, i have no idea what happened last night, my ragefactor must […]

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    a medium pizza, rolled up and deep-fried. it is officially called a pizza roll. usually ordered when intoxicated. the favorite food of drunk st. lawrence university students. if eaten sober, the first few bites tend to taste quite delicious. the same can’t be said about the last few bites. the ultimate diet killer, hence the […]

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    the period in which one is angry at a friend, but he/she knows it will only be for a while to blow off steam. “hey you guys are talking again?” “of co-rs-! i just needed to have a rage-stage”

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    literally, rape of the larynx. “time for a little laryngal rape!” “sometimes i wonder why i hang out with you.”

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