fair-weather friend

what most people you will meet in life are by nature. there’s always something to do, a part of the world you haven’t seen. there’s one person who’s not a fair-weather friend in your life, and that is you. there’s only one person you need, there’s only one you have to rely on. yourself, everybody else needs to f-ck off, period.
it’s rare to find somebody who doesn’t keep a few phony fair-weather friends around, but some people don’t do it that way, they live how they want, they’re here one time only, period.
a friend who is only a friend when circ-mstances are pleasant or profitable. at the first sign of trouble, these capricious, disloyal friends will drop their relationship with you.
i had thought ted would stand by me when i was accused of theft, but it turned out he was only a fair-weather friend.
a friend who is only around when they need you.
bill is a fair-weather friend because he only comes over when i have weed.
a friend who is only nice to you when it’s convenient. someone who’s wishy-washy. someone who is a “backstabber.” someone who abandons you in certain situations.
every time you’re with bob, you won’t hang out with me. you’re such a fair-weather friend.
a friend who only sticks by you when things are going well.
“steve don’t call me since the accident, hes a fair weather friend”
a friend who doesn’t help in times of difficulty. likely nautical in nature, referring to the fact that when weather is good nearly anyone can help on a ship.
when tom refused to help me move after my divorce i realized that he was a fair-weather friend.
someone who is a good friend when it is easy for them to be one and who stops when you are having problems.
fairweather friends usually are the people you deal with until provened innocent.
a psuedo friend. one who pretneds to be your friend when things are good. leaves when things go astray or are not quite like they think they should be.
lucy was only a fair-weather friend.

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