fairy muff

fairy m-ff = fair enough
can’t make it to the pub tonight because your mum has died? fairy m-ff.
a pun on fair enough.
charles: well, we’re gonna have to pull out.
jeeves: fairym-ff.
fairy m-ff = fair enough
can’t make it to the pub tonight because your mum has died? fairy m-ff.
a fandabydozy dude or dudette who often lies and is an -ss but is very entertaining and super at the same time!! super cool but not as cool as sonic!! also tends to like to think he/she is a great juggler and is very pretty! 😉
“i love fairy m-ff he/she is cl-ss”

“fairy m-ff is legendery, totaly brilliant”

“h-llo, my name is fairy m-ff, shortened to fairy for a laugh!”

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