another word for v-g-n-. me and my friends use this term a lot, rather than using the “v” word.
v-g-n– fanoonoo

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  • fanoot

    a man who is a h-m- s-xual. “your friend enes is a fanoot”

  • grungette

    a girl who listens to punk and grunge. her style is mixed up from grunge style and punk. grungettes has a vibe of riot grrrls too. the word ”grungette” is mixed from ”grunge” and ”punkette”. grungettes listens to bands like pearl jam; alice in chains; soundgarden; s-x pistols; distillers; bikini kill; hole; nirvana and etc. […]

  • grumbled

    a term to describe the unfortunate situation where one’s mother/wife stumbles across one’s stash of “art pamphletry”… to be caught with p-rnography i was cleaning your room,david and i found 56 tons of hardcore -n-l p-rnography” david:”oh no!..i’ve been grumbled!

  • guestaurant

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  • guilt joint

    the joint you’re smoking while your friends are trying to guilt you for partaking in their good weed. dust: hey, i hope you’re enjoying that expensive–ss weed i brought along that you’ve been smoking all day, bro. jerry (wizard): (thinks to self) – d-mn, i have been smoking this weed sack all day and haven’t […]

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