fappaning is an occasion for masturbation to occur.
the p-rn movies lead to a great fappaning in the bas-m-nt.

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  • haby

    likes to suck on b-lls, get high and party. don’t get me wrong.. their the hottest people you’ll ever lay you’re eyes on. but d-mn you wanna hang with these babes. ashley: dude if i could be anyone in the world id be a haby. scott: bro i wanna f-ck a haby.

  • shoot your load

    -j-c-l-t- you should have a box of kleenexes before you shoot your load so it’s not a mess on the floor.

  • wooi

    that moment when you are not baked, nor fried. this state of being high af. this term is usually used by immature asians. he was very wooi last night.

  • stall sniffle

    the noise someone makes when they want to let you know they are in a bathroom stall had to take a really wicked dump and got a stall sniffle when i hit the bathroom door. almost sh-t in my pants running to another bathroom.

  • flobber noggin thot

    d-ck sucking hoe look at that flobber noggin thot

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