fappy trail

the small, moist trail left behind after a session of maturation in a horizontal position. when a man splooges in this position and his juice rains down upon his happy trail, it becomes a fappy trail.
man 1: “dude i just had the best jerk off ever”

man 2: “nice but did you make a fappy trail?”

man 1: “h-ll yes! it was super sticky!”
the s-xual practice of stopping whatever position(s) and/or acts you are engaged in at the moment right before -rg-sm to successfully paint a perfect line of sperm from your partner’s naval down to their s-xual organs. if you do this correctly, you will have brought into being a fappy trail.
“i pulled out, told her to turn over, and delivered the perfect fappy trail. i high fived myself afterwards because i was so proud”
when a guy leaves behind a little secret territory marker at every place he has ever m-st-rb-t-d, be it anything from slightly saturated undergarments, to penile excrement on the toilet seat. put all these tell-tale signs together, and you have a fappy trail.
mom: goly gee gosh, i realized why there’s always a crumpled up tissue tucked under my son’s pillow in the morning!!! it’s his fappy trail!!!

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