a break in one’s fapping routine, to prove that one can go without masturbating or for any other reason.
“after a week without masturbating, he couldn’t do it anymore and broke his fapst.”

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  • b*tthole bingo

    someone playing bingo with your b-tthole meaning hey jeff, your going to jail tonight and your going to have a good time playing b-tthole bingo with the guys.

  • c*ckerism

    when your d-ck starts spinning faster than a helicopter’s blades, causing you to fly into the air with unlimited power. bystander 1: “oh my god, billy’s having a c-ckerism! bystander 2: “it looks like his d-ck is going 9000 miles per hour!”

  • mascellaneous

    variously and/or casually masculine; not interested in alphabetizing one’s masculinity along the lines of alphas, betas, etc. he’s cool without being cold, friendly, strong, sweet to children, practical, good with tools, and crosses his legs; well-rounded and mascellaneous.

  • whole piece

    when someone gets up from their seat and you not only get the wonderful view of their b-tt crack you get the entire whole piece of -ss. that tommy is a whole piece. he just walked out without leaving a tip!

  • golden taco

    p-ssing in a girls spread p-ssy hole. dude, i she was drunk i gave her the golden taco!

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