the particles of air contaminated after someone or something lets out gas.
you contaminated my air with your farticles!
the microscopic, airborne particles of fecal matter that are released by the -n-s during a fart.
gross! i inhaled your farticles!
the molecular particles in a fart that give it the bouquet. combination of fart+particle = farticle.
jeff spent the afternoon woolgathering and planting farticles in his chair. when he arose from his chair, the stench was overwhelming.
the particles of fart that remain in the atmosphere after a fart has been released
farticles : i walked into the mens room and someone had left a farticle cloud for me to walk into
flatus-flakes expelled through the -n-s, usually consisting of solid excretory product evacuated from the bowels. occasionally contains entire corn kernels.
naomi loved sleeping in the nude with her husband ted. until that unfortunate evening she decided to be the spooner, and not the spoonee. feeling something warm blow ever so gently onto her leg, she rushed to the bathroom to find brown-speckled farticles adorning her knee cap.
far·ti·cle (fahr-ti-kuhl) noun, verb, -cled, -cling.
a written work on a specific topic that is part of publication, such as a newspaper or magazine, containing purported nonfiction but primarily characterized by emissions of noise and hot air.
“farticles are not news.”

“magazines are sometimes full of buzz farticles composed to attract consumers to advertisers.”

“male writers who mistake a rigid appendage for a pen generate farticles to hear themselves write.”

“she was farticling her indigestion as opinion again.” (verb)
the particles released from the -n-s when you fart.
oh, d-mn! i just swallowed a b-ttload of farticles!

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